Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bihun Goreng Ala Pemalas :)

Bahan-bahan: (untuk 4-5 orang makan)

Bihun setengah peket (direndam)
3 sudu minyak masak
2-3 sudu besar lada giling (cili boh)
2-3 sudu sos tiram
sedikit bawang merah (blend)
sedikit bawah putih (blend)
3 sotong yang telah dibersih dan dipotong ikut sukahati anda
3-4 batang sawi yang telah dibersih dan dipotong
secawan air


Panaskan minyak
Tumis bawang besar dan bawang putih
Setelah wangi, masukkan cili boh dan tumis sehingga masak.
Masukkan sos tiram.
Masukkan air.
setelah mendidih, masukkan sotong.
Setelah sotong masak, masukkan bihun yang telah ditoskan selepas direndam tadi.
Gaul sebati.
Masukkan sayur sehingga masak.

Tutup api.
Bukak mulut.

Resipi ayam goreng:
Ayam + Garam + kunyit , Goreng.

Selamat menjamu selera :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

i'm nervous actually.
it feels too good to be true sometimes.
i know that it's not black and white and anything can happen from now till then.
but still am nervous.

i can handle disappointments and frustration
it's understandable if things dont go the way we want it to be
but please i only ask for one thing.
dont play with hopes and dreams of mine about this one thing.

thank you.
may everything go smoothly.
Insya Allah

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Resipi Kailan Sos Tiram

Antara resipi mudah (semua pun mudah aku nih..) untuk para wanita yang berkerjaya dan anak sepuluh :)
Sawi HongKong atau Kailan HongKong atau Siew Pak Choy
3 sudu besar Sos Tiram
4 sudu besar kicap manis
2 sudu Bawang Goreng
Bawang Putih Goreng
2 sudu kecil Madu
Sedikit air
I dont stim my vege, sebab tak pandai steam vege. So what I did is I celur. Make sure ada sebekas air sejuk untuk letak sayur once dicelur untuk kekalkan kerangupannya.
Di dalam pan menggoreng..
  • masukkan sos tiram dan kicap dan air.
  • masukkan bawang goreng untuk pekatkan kuah (as I hate corn flour sebagai ejen pemekat)
  • masukkan madu
  • DONE

Letak sayur dalam piring/pinggan dan tuang kuah tadi. Taburkan bawang putih goreng.


Resipi Siakap Stim

Sangat mudah nak buat, a no-brainer persediaan. Lots of common sense.

Trust me, anyone can do this.


  • Seekor ikan siakap yang telah dibersihkan. Make sure suruh org pasar tu siang siap-siap kalau rasa tak cukup kudrat nak buat.

  • Bawang besar dipotong ikut kesukaan, kuantiti ikut kesukaan. Aku sawan bawang. So agak over di sini. Nak blend pun boleh.

  • 4-5 Lada besar, diracik.

  • Limau nipis atau Limau kasturi, nak perah siap2 pun boleh, kemudian pun boleh. Potong seperti di gambar

  • 2-3 batang serai diracik

  • Halia, ikut rasa, racik atau blend.

  • Secukup garam dan lada hitam.


  • Di atas dapur (if tak gunakan electric steamer) panaskan airkan dan alas steamer dengan daun pisang. If tak ada daun pisang boleh balutkan ikan dengan aluminium foil :)

  • Semua selain dari ikan diteraburkan atas ikan.

  • Stim for 15-20 minit.


Dah masak tu, tabur la daun sup atau daun bawang. Sodap!
Air asam senang je:
Air asam, kicap,cili api (blend atau potong),bawang potong kiub,if minat belacan, letak la sedikit) kalau nak masam lebih, perah limau.
Bismilah ye.

Resipi Bread Pudding


Mengikut common sense aku, bread pudding atau puding roti ni adalah resipi penjimatan atau lefovers recipe. Sebabnya bahan-bahannya adalah bahan yang memang selalunya ada di rumah tanpa perlu bermekap dan keluar ke jusco membeli bahan. Usually, resipi penjimatan ni tak guna bahan yang banyak or mahal. Mukadimah aku panjang, lap air liur ko, nih aku bagi resipi sekarang. But, this recipe to me it's quite over for a simple


6-8 ketul roti croissant
1 buku raisin bread
1 buku cashew bread
**boleh juga guna roti biasa (Gardenia, High Five etc, babu roti)
segelas gula
3-4 biji telur
1 sudu kecil esen vanilla
1 kotak besar susu full cream/ low fat
Butter cubes
Raisin atau choc chips or both


1.Potong roti mengikut kesukaan dan ketepikan
**jika guna roti biasa, pastikan roti ditoast dahulu sebelum dipotong bagi menambah kerangupan dan kesedapan, tak percaya cuba dulu baru menjilat jari kelak :)
2. Pukul telur (letak esen vanilla)dengan gula
3. Letak susu dalam bancuhan
4. Roti tadi letak dalam bekas tahan oven
5.Curahkan bancuhan tadi, make sure tak penuh sebab nanti dia naik.
6. Taburkan raisin dan/atau choc chip
7. Shave some butter or letak kiub butter atas roti
8. Masukkan dalam oven for 45 minutes


Biasanya makan puding dengan sweet cream sauce, sebab bread ni pun tak manis. Kalau nak guna sauce ni, siapkan ini dahulu dan simpan dalam fridge. Once Pudding siap, hidang sekali. Panas vs Sejuk. Nyum!

Simple resipi for the sauce :

1.Fruits in can
2.Susu cair or double cream

Kalau susu cair, masakkan atas dapur sekejap, bila sejuk, masukkan buah dalam tin tu and sejukkan before makan.

Friday, October 29, 2010


i've been here before.
it was ugly then.
it's still ugly now.
it's dark and it sucks.
took me months to get out and start again.
with wounds and scratches, I almost bleed mysoul to death inside.
but i picked it up, pieces by pieces.
i did it once.
hell, i did it twice.
now, out of nowhere, i found myself sprawl in the same ugly place.
and this time around
i am sure i wont be getting out soon.
i need miracles.
i need Your miracle.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

::still here::

20 October 2010

It’s been 20 days since you gone.
I still haven’t found the strength to keep your stuff away.
And I still find peace and calm sleeping with your blankie.
I’d dream of you every now and then.
I don’t know how you are doing over there.
I like to believe that you are in happier and better place like everyone else been convincing me.
I would like to believe that.
I still secretly pick up your blankie and smell that scent and for a split second I can almost smell you.
Are you sure you are happy there? They are treating you alright?
Your food is still here, I still haven’t move it, so does your toys. In case you might miss them or need them.
I am still here. We are still here.
Missing you.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My little piece of heaven.

Days passed us by.
And it's still hard to sleep without you.
When usually you’re safe and sound tucked at my feet or mommybib's chest or in between us.
No matter how tired nowadays, I still can’t easily fall asleep.
I'd think of you.

The smell of your fur. That distinctive scent yang selalu menenangkan mummy.
The warmth that it gives. Bila hujan or rumah kita sejuk, selalu je kita berhimpit-himpit dan body warmth from each other J
The purring saying "i'm content too mummy and i love you too, now go to sleep"
And of course that wet nose of yours.
I miss those tiny footsteps of yours, slowly finding your way between us, not wanting us to sulk because you chose mummybib rather than me.
It's okay really.
I understand. I do.

We had our moments when mummyBib was away with her tournaments.
We did ya King and oh how i miss those moments. Just you and me.
I remember once when I was too tired to wake up and wanna continue sleeping, you cough so hard. Back then I thought you were trying to get my attention so mummy would teman you breakfast, but come to think of it, maybe those were the early signs of your deterioring health. I am sorry King. I was ignorant.

Even now, tiap pagi mummy masih tunggu suara King kejutkan kami untuk Subuh. Bila kami tarik selimut pasti King lagi bising dan pijak kepala mummy. You were persistent. King pasti sabar tunggu habis solat dan tak sabar nak upahnya, temankan King makan pula. Comel.
Now, no matter how many times I let the alarm snoozes off itself and wait for that furry paws to wake me again, it never came.
I still sometimes found myself waiting for you to take the morning shower, even though you hate to get your white fluffy paws wet, finally you'd just wait outside without fail.
and as upah, mesti teman King makan breakfast. Lagi. :)
But lately after breakfast, mummy mesti bagi something else pada King.
It was your medication King. For your heart and kidney.

Remember when you cant lift your head?
You can barely meow.
Bersyukur jumpa King di dalam toilet pagi tu.
You were pale and almost unconcious.
Berpisah kita sekejap for 6 days, but mommyBib never failed to visit you everysingle day.
Mommy Ina too.
You remember that King?

It was 7th of August 2010. After admitting you to Animal Medical Centre, we were asked to wait for the blood test result. We didn’t expect it at all. I was dumbstruck. MummyBib was beyond despair. Dr. Siva told us that you have Congestive Heart Failure. Jantung King dah bengkak dan besar, buah pinggang rosak.

I always knew you have a big heart. A big heart full of love for us and people around you.

You were put in an oxygen cube or ICU for 3 days. You fought and you gave everything you got.
By Friday, you were back in our arms again.
You lost 1.1kg. But you were still the most handsome cat ever.
You are a natural heartbreaker :)

Starting from that, Dr. Siva pesan, King kena makan ubat setiap hari tak boleh miss.
King memang budak baik.
Never missed your medication.
Even when we had to go back to Seremban.
Aunty Afina and Aunty Mariah ever willingly and more than honored to help to take care of you.

Oh King, mommy miss you so much.

I still wonder what you are doing at home when mummy at the office.
I still panic when it rains so heavily.
"have i shut the window?"
"did i close the sliding door?"

I know how much you hate the terrible sound of the storm and banging of the door when the wind blew so hard.
I keep wondering where will you be hiding when the rain finally pours that it makes funny noises through the door.
I still look forward finishing the work early so I get to get home first so you'd greet me at the door.
But as usual mummyBib will arrived first and steal your attention :)
Tapi King pandai ambik hati mummy. Mesti nak lelap tidur pada mummy. :)

Mummy minta maaf selalu tinggalkan King bila balik ke Seremban.
You cant travel anymore as Doc’s advised. Travelling made you anxious and it’s not good for your heart. Mummy tau King tak suka tinggal sorang, bila mummy say bye,you’d look away.When we say ‘we love you King” you’d move your ears. But still you wont look at us. I am sorry.
Tapi macamana King merajuk pun, by the time kami balik semula, kami tau King dah sedia menunggu di pintu. And without fail juga, mesti nak bawa mummyBib to your scratch post, show off how strong you’ve become. MummyBib’s your biggest fan, cheering you all the way. And you guys have your very own ritual where you’d stand up and listen to mummyBib’s song especially for you. Oh rindunya dengan tangan King yang berstokin putih tu..

Terlalu rindu.

Mummy tau King memang determine untuk sihat semula lepas keluar ward dulu.
King rajin makan ubat. Sekali sekala King cuba nak elak, tapi mummy tau bukan sebab King tak nak sihat, sebab King bosan mummy treat King macam King tak sihat sangat. No running, no jumping, no spontaneous acts and suprises.
Lama kelamaan,minggu demi minggu, King bertambah sihat, bertambah gebu. We were so happy and Dr Erni from Vet UPM was so relieved and happy for your progress. Next check up will be on November 1st at AMC.

But in 27th September 2010, mummy couldn’t find you. Nak bagi ur medication macam biasa. Tak mungkin King tak bangun lagi. Hati mummy dah tergerak.
I found you. Scared. Because King kencing atas lantai. Tapi mummy tak marah.
I know you would never do that for no reason at all. You were not feeling well. Sejuk kaki dan tangan King. I know I had to wake mummyBib up to take you to AMC ASAP.
The urine test was negative, but your blood test was not. By the second time we visit you, you were paralyzed and they cant seemed to know why.
We were getting really restless, as doctors cant seem to detect the reason you become paralyzed. I was ready to get a second opinion from Vet UPM. By then, more blood was taken from you and the xrays showed to lower spine injury.

Then by Thursday morning, I finally able to connect to dots, thanks to medical journals and articles, you got all the symptoms for Arterial Thromboembolism (ATE). With your medical file and history with me, and all the articles printed, Vet UPM , here I come.

But before I was able to , Dr. Sim called from AMC.
“King is not responding to his medication and we highly advised for you to come immediately”

You know the rest of the story King..

I can still feel you with us.
I accept the fact that you are gone.
But just let me hold on to this.
This memories.
Of how a cat able to make me feel human more than anything else.
Of how a cat taught us to love with all our hearts.
And expect nothing in return.
But gain more than we ever imagined.
Of my heart.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eidul Fitri 1431H

For the first time EVER setelah 6 tahun bekerja... saya balik ke Seremban petang sebelum raya. raya eve la gitu Masih gigih bekerja pada hari Khamis di office yang dah sunyi sepi kecuali sayup-sayup lagu raya.

Tak terasa lagi kehangatan raya, maybe because tahun ni tak berbelanja sakan, sebab my partner-in-crime masih dlm recovery ACL reconstruction, so no jalan-jalan di TAR Road, Indian Mosque or PKNS Shah Alam. Not this year. Preparation pun ala kadar sahaja untuk our crib in SK, just lebihkan persiapan di rumah emak. Bib's mom pun tak sihat so and tahun ini tahun kedua Bib beraya without a father. So no persiapan besar-besaran, sekadar bersyukur kita sampai di akhir Ramadhan dan bersedia menyambut hari kemenangan. Alhamdulillah..

Disebabkan oleh saya telah gigih bercuti awal untuk mengemas rumah Paroi Jaya, so tatkala balik ke kampung halaman, semuanya dah kemas, cuma minor preparation sahaja, siap mak ajak jalan-jalan malam raya tengok umah atok di Golf Heights, balik umah je terus panik, sebab mak baru teringat tak buat soto lagi untuk besok.

Jadinya, mak tido jam 5 pagi juga. Haish. Aku dah lama ke laut jam 1am kat living hall.

But although niat nak mencipta rekod tidur paling awal malam sebelum raya masih gagal, the next day, Raya day itself telah menunjukkan kehangatannya.

Badan pun tak exhausted, emak pun tak lembik mengemas, so the environment was cheerful and happy. Content.

Malas nak type banyak, so enjoy the pics.

from left: my heavily pregnant sister, my SIL, yours truly and the best emak in the world ya'll

me and emak

SIL and my bro. Owners of BabyBundle Senawang. Do find them in FB!

my brother number 2 and SIL.adalah juga owners HaniBabyBundle di Johor

my eldest sister's daughters. Gorjes and gorjes :)

my eldest sister and her family.

Monday, September 20, 2010

there's always a first time.

For the first time EVER, 2010 adalah tahun keramat dan magikal (hurm..bukan magical macam iklan tv3 okay) kerana berjaya mengumpulkan SEMUA ahli keluarga saya ( wait..wait.. seorang anak buah tidak ada kerana beraya di rumah ibunya..) so ini adalah 99.9% complete.

Apa-apa pun, this year's raya adalah sangat best. Dengan Ila yang menunggu the birth of her second child, ( by the time publish ini telah pun bersalin. yay!) dan hofkos the food and more food.

Sangat sayang korang semua. Sangat the very bangat.


Monday, September 13, 2010

[ ]

Words wont do justice how fed-up I am with you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

29 Ramadhan 1431H

It's almost over.
Ramadhan will leave us soon.
Sempat ke kita bertemu lagi tahun depan?
Insya Allah.


Lamanya tak update.
Janji meletop dah hapdet sampai download Tumblr apps kat ifon :P
Pastu memenuhkan phone je. update nye tang situ jugak.
Tapi rupanya macam cerita usop haslam dan prof digabungkan.
asap lebih sebab nak cover prop cikai.
eh apa ni.

Banyak benda jadi.
Banyak nak update.

Last update 2nd puasa kan?

Update I:

Awal puasa dah berniat tammau beli lauk pauk or tapau, i wanna di 100% home cooked meals. So sebelum puasa dah buat preparation dah. Blend bawang besar, bawang putih, halia, cili api, cili boh.Barang mentah pun beli and portion kan siap-siap untuk daily cooking. So today dah 29 Ramadhan, I am proud to say that, tak pernah tapau makanan lagi and out of 29 days, hanya 4 kali kot tak masak, itu pun sebab Open House invitation and dating di Tony Romas :) Yay!

Update 2:

For months Bib dah complaint pasal kaki dia sakit-sakit. Her heel spur, her calf, her knee, and we did all the readings and articles and allthewhatnots on youtube to find out why. She went to her Physio, asked around , went for massages, but despite all the pain, biasalah Bib, she still proceed with her trainings.
She was so determined to go to Trinidad&Tobago, but i insist dia buat further checkup.
To make long story short, we went to Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC) and jumpa Dr. Reza Ng (my friend's hubby) and did MRI.
Found out that her ACL dah complete torn.

So on 8th puasa after another long story decision making phase, she undergo her ACL Reconstructive Operation on 18 August 2010. I took 3 days leave and jadi penunggu dan extra nurse di situ. Oh ya, Bib operate di Hospital Pantai Ampang by Dr. Ezlan Merican, a very good (and handsome) doctor :)

So we checked in 18th and by Friday the 20th dah discharged. She need to buat rehab and physio for 6 months, which means she need to let go all of her appointments. It was hard at first but things need to be done and she's as disciplined as ever.

Update 3:

I cut long long tress medium length :P
Miss the long hair.

Update 4:
Historical event!
2010 adalah tahun rumah emak dikemas paling awal utk persiapan hari raya! yay!!!
Took 2 days leave 3-6 September to spring clean emak's house :)

Update 5:

I think, so far yang paling historical adalah when our beloved King was admitted for 6 days kat Animal Medical Centre, Wisma Medivet.

It was around 7ish on 7th of August, when aku ngan Bib tgh bersiap nak pergi appointment doktor Bib for her knee, then Bib perasan King, unlike his usual routine kejutkan ktorg untuk Subuh prayers. I found him in the middle bathroom, lying on the floor. His eyes were open but there was no sound, no movement. Badan dah sejuk. Berderau darah. Suddenly teringat dD my previous cat,yg died of poisoning.

Bawak King masuk bilik letak atas tilam and check him thoroughly. Lemah and sejuk. His paws sejuk bangat. Suruh dia bangun but he jatuh straight away and wont move. His eyes was .. hollow.

By then we knew, there's something terribly wrong with him. Wrap him up in his blankie, grab his carrier and off we go to the nearest vet.

Bib was nervous, I was speechless with king on my lap, and iphone to see if UPM vet is open , which they memang tutup on Sat!

nasib baik teringat Vet kat Jalan Tun Razak, googled and called them up. By 8.45am we reached AMC and by 9am, King was checked and the vet told us that his BP is almost none and they need to do blood test and other check up to come up with any diagnosis

Ina was there to see King through the grill. We hugged, we consoled, we were reunited.
Ina had to go back, and we went to Starbucks KLCC to get some food and coffee. And by 12.30, I called the vet and was told that King has Congestive Heart Failure, with damaged kidney.

Who would have thought.
We were both speechless and was drowning in our tears.
We rushed back to AMC.
He was admitted in ICU - because he cant breath on his own, he was put in a transparent cube filled with oxygen, dripped with his medication.

King was discharged 6 days after that, Bib visited him daily keeping him company.
He lost 1.1kg and gain that .1kg 3 weeks later :)

He cant be cured, but we can extend his life by giving him a better quality of life, constant medication and no excitement nor suprises meaning to more main-main and running around.
But he's happy. and we are blessed.

Update 6:

Genap Arwah Hj. Shamsuri, Bib's father passed away.

rasanya ada lagi yang tertinggal.
but i think tunggu la, my brain cells tak warm up lagi (padahal dah kul 2.30pm)

Toodles doodles.

Friday, August 13, 2010

hapdet Nerbes


Alhamdulillah semalam keluar opes jam 5.30pm tajam and sampai rumah pukul 6.15pm.

Sempat juga menyinggah di kedai beli barang nak buat puding karamel :)

Semua sampai kul 6.50pm, by the time tak siap lagi but everything is under control. Bib dah beli ikan siakap, siap siangkan..ceh ceh pandai pun.. Gorengkan ikan kembung, cincang cincau untuk sirap bandung, rendam and basuhkan sayur sedap.

Terharu.. baru nak buat scene balik tu, sia-sia je dengusan. dem it, should have known to just bury the drama me long time ago.


Peace ya'll

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hari nih second day puasa.
Selamat Berpuasa pada sesapa yang puasa.

Kepada sesapa yang kenal aku, semua orang (dan juga haiwang peliharaannya) tahu yang aku nih memang suka masak.

Semacam satu ketagihan memasak ni, tahap kepuasan tu tak payah cakap la kan.
Tambah-tambah kalau stok barang semua ada. And tools pun complete.

Tapi to me, kalau tak complete and takde stok pun, cabaran memasak tu lagi besar and lebih memuaskan bila selesai semua.

Anyway, semalam gila nerbes aku. Dah lah Bib ambik dari opes dekat kul 6, karang marah nanti, habis lah pahal aku yang melimpah-limpah ni, pastu jem tak hengat. Bib kata jangan ikut jalan biasa (flyover Exit 1123 Serdang/Seri Kembangan) so ikut jalan rahsia yang tak berapa rahsia la. Jem jugak la pulak. Dalam kepala tgn merancang-rancang apa nak buat dulu bila sampai umah.

I dont mind berbuka air kosong and then masak tapi tak thrill la kan. Nasib baik la nak masak untuk aku ngan bib je, buatnya ada tetamu, mau aku tukar jadi rasaksa. And aku je pun puasa, Bib selamat hariraya.

Then setelah aksi persilatan kat dapur (tak sempay tukar baju hokey...) nasib baik sempat jugak masak and solat Asar (mental note: sila solat di opes sebelum balik :P ) around 8.15pm kuar carik kopi. (ceh..ingatkan pegi terawih)

balik tu singgah la Caltex beli bekalan sahur, iaitu roti kerim terjumpa ******* dan *********. Borak2 Bib ajak buka sama besok (hari ni la)

SERIOUSLY aku memang suka ada tetamu di rumah.
So I can cook and entertain.
So dengan jemputan tu, jadiknya aku kena masak extra 2 pax.
Kalau 2 tu insya Allah sempat la kot.

Tup tup..

Bib tepon.. "tambah lagi tetamu ye malam ni.. +++, +++++, +++++++++++ pun join sama"


Mana boleh marah kan?
Sebab nak kata marah, tak jugak.

Cuma tetiba rasa bahu ni berat bangat.

Ye la Bib kata tak payah susah-susah.
Tak payah rushing-rushing.
gila kau?

habis tu orang dah azan kalo tak masak nak hidang apa?
"korang korek hidung dulu ye, lauk tak siap lagi"

aku tak marah.
cuma aku nerbes.
ye aku cepat kalut.
bukan sebab tak boleh buat.
Insya Allah.

tapi risau tu tetap ada.
i am a perfectionist
and i am very posessive of my kitchen.

I cook alone.
I dont do duet or choir dalam dapur.


apa masalah aku ni?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hating me

losing a friend sucks big time kan.
i am not talking about losing a friend sebab dia passed away ke apa,
but when one need to choose between love and friendship.

it sadden me seriously, and then timbul perasaan marah.
mostly i am mad at myself for not knowing how to fight this.

tak payah la cerita panjang-panjang cuma nak mengekspress rasa hampa pada diri sendiri.

bukan tak sayang kawan.
bukannya dia jahat pun.
baik bangat.
semua pun suka.

tapi tu la.
dia membawa title beracun.

sampai bebila pun title tu orang tak boleh lupa kot.

what have i become?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gulai Udang Galah dan Pucuk Paku

Hari Ahad hari tu, Bib puasa, terasa nak berbuka puasa dengan ikan kembung goreng pedas, pegi ke Pasar Borong Selangor mencari bahan. Dah dapat kembong (mabung sebenarnya, sebab ikan kembung comel2 je) jumpa pulak udang hensem ni dan ketam bagak. Terus tukar menu ke gulai ketam (tu nanti post lain ye)


Udang galah
Asam Keping
Pucuk Paku
Cili api

Cara aku:

1.Bersihkan udang galah dengan membuang semua sampah sarap sesungut dia, tapi ktorg ni suka makan penyepit dia so ko simpan lah. Bagi menyenangkan persiapan, ko belilah satu gunting untuk dapur macam dalam gambar ni, aku beli kat Ikea, tapi aku rasa zaman sekarang ni mana pun ko boleh beli, jangan jadi alasan tammau siang udang. Aku sepak karang.

The tricky part of the udang is to buang taik dia kat ekor dia tu. Pada bahagian yang paling bawah di ekor udang tu ko tarik la macam urat hitam udang tu. Kalo ko dah godek2 tak jumpa, alamatnya ko masak je la, takde la beza sangat pon, cuma yang very the tu mungkin tammau makan, alamatnya lebih la satu untuk ko makan kan? kan?

wajah udang korban di samping senjata pembunuhan

2. Ko dah bersihkan and basuh la sebersih yang ko paham anggota badan udang tu, masukkan dalam periuk dan masukkan sekali kunyit (serbuk atau tumbuk, aku semua very the cepat, so serbuk pilihan utama), cili api blend, garam, asam keping dan serai yang telah dititik.

3. Hidupkan api dan ko tak payah masukkan air. ko kacau2 la. Tatkala ini memang semua kering, cuma air udang mungkin akan keluar sedikit. tapi bila ko takut hangus sebab ko memang masak sambil tengok TV kan, ko masukkanlah air sedikit just tammau dia hangus. Sekejap je peringkat ni.

4. Udang tu dah merah kemalu-maluan, ko masukkan santan tadi. Ikut la tahap lemak mania yang digemari dan adjust lah dengan garam nak segenggam ke secubit sayang.

5. Ko jangan lupa siang pucuk paku, ambik lah yang muda dan lembut2.

6. Bila dah mendidih, ko rasa la okay tak tahap masin dan masamnya.. pastuh masukkan pucuk paku tadi.

7. Jangan takut habiskan pucuk tu, nampak je banyak, once masuk dia akan lembut dan berenat bersama jasad udang tadi.

Pastu hidanglah, ko biar dalam periuk tu apa pasal?

Selamat mencuba.

putih hijau putih hijau

[kaler apa tu? tu la perkembangan warna kahak aku sepanjang bulan ni]

lamanya tak update blog..

banyak nak cerita tapi tak cukup perbendaharaan kata nak explain.

banyak peristiwa best juga tapi lepas tu momentum hilang.

bosan asyik sakit lately.

orang kata sebab cuaca.

aku kata sebab aircond office yang centralised, dia centralised kuman kumin sekali untuk kita kongsi.

sharing is (s)caring diorg kata.

Sapa diorg tu?
suara halus tu la.
ha ye la. suara halus sapa lagi.

nije berhati seni tu la *mampus aku*


mak aku cakap sebab King.

who? me?

Hama and bulu dia. Kenot be..
Mak aku selagi boleh kaitkan dengan King memang semua la berkait.
Bukan mak aku benci King, tapi lepas apa jadi kat Adriana, memang dia trauma.

Mak Bib cakap pulak benda lain.
Kena pergi berubat. Tapi aku dah ambik ubat dah :P hehe..aku penakut sebenarnya..tetambah benda2 halus ni. ignorance is bliss katanya. Kata aku la. Berubat doktor sehabisnya, baru aku akan mengalah.

Sebulan tak elok2.

Dah 3 ke 4 kali ke klinik dengan lawatan percuma ke Kecemasan di Hospital Putrajaya pada jam 4 pagi. thank you bucuk Bib. *sayu*

eh, rock on sign otw utk roadtrip Penang, bukan hantar Emergency :P

Aircond kat ofis macam bahagian daging dan ayam di Jusco.
Ye la, kat ofis pun banyak daging dan ayam juga. Juga di aras 5 ada sayur sekali (inside joke, lantaklah ko tak paham). Selain daging, kesejukan ini juga diteorikan untuk menyejukkan hati yang selalu panas, dan air milo (READ: Nescafe)

Batuk yang kong kong kong bunyi dia setiap kali aku cuba bertenang untuk ambik napas. Seksa.
tapi nasib baik tak sampai nak terkencing.. mesti sebab aku suka buat (s)excercise kegel tu.

Last-last akibat tak tahan (and takut bila somebody mention pneumonia) aku ke Az Zahrah Bangi.Rupanya aku demam hari tu, tu la lama sangat menjeruk, badan sendiri panas pun tak tau.. temp 38.1 rasanya. Terus x-ray dan buat blood test. RESULT: jangkitan paru-paru.

Bersyukur to finally realized whats going on inside.

It's been a week now, 99% meds dah habis ambik, except for one anitibiotic for tonite and tomorrow morning and tomorrow ke Az Zahrah untuk check semula. But i think common sense la kan.. rasa okay dah..ubat habis dah, perlu ke pergi semula ye?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


rasa sangat down.
lebih down dari lagu jay sean.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I found this article and I found MYSELF.

For years, I have always thought there is something terribly wrong with me. Although I love to communicate, I found myself avoiding parties, loud places, loud people, noise of any kind and I kinda turn into very reserve and quiet whenever there's to much of a crowd. Not knowing what is it actually, I just say that maybe secretly am an anti-social.

The battles continues years after I finished my degree and into my relationships with my loved ones. I found myself sometimes "fake it to make it" to be all chitchatty and force myself to stay in conversations with people around me.

Dont get me wrong, I love talking, I love communicating and sharing. But I would say, I am most comfortable when I am alone or when I am in a small group of people I know. And truthfully, I dont do very well in gatherings or kenduris.

What makes it even harder is people's assumption and first impression about me, especially when the majority if people is extrovert, I have almost no choice but to adapt. Adapt turns into pleasing and finally it's like faking myself for other people's acceptance.

To me, today is a historical day for me. That I have finally found myself. And it's okay to be me :)

Definition: Contrary to what most people think, an introvert is not simply a person who is shy. In fact, being shy has little to do with being an introvert! Shyness has an element of apprehension, nervousness and anxiety, and while an introvert may also be shy, introversion itself is not shyness. Basically, an introvert is a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people.Introverts are more concerned with the inner world of the mind. They enjoy thinking, exploring their thoughts and feelings. They often avoid social situations because being around people drains their energy. This is true even if they have good social skills. After being with people for any length of time, such as at a party, they need time alone to "recharge."When introverts want to be alone, it is not, by itself, a sign of depression. It means that they either need to regain their energy from being around people or that they simply want the time to be with their own thoughts. Being with people, even people they like and are comfortable with, can prevent them from their desire to be quietly introspective.Being introspective, though, does not mean that an introvert never has conversations. However, those conversations are generally about ideas and concepts, not about what they consider the trivial matters of social small talk.Introverts make up about 60% of the gifted population but only about 25-40% of the general population.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Wiken hari tu tak balik Seremban pun.
Selain dari menghantar partner in crime ke KLIA untuk ke Asian Cup 2010 di Chengdu,China; masa cuti minggu adalah untuk mengemas rumah yang dah berbulu-bulu macam King. Kalo aku kumpul agaknya bulu tu, King dah ada gelfren dah sebuah.

hi King..

Setelah habis menangis sambil mendengar lagu feeling mengelamun kena tinggal lagi dua minggu oleh si bucuk Bib, terus mula spring winter autumn cleaning bermula di stor.

Hoh. sampai penuh troli membawak sampah sarap yang berupa kipas siling yang telah dileraikan sebab kami punya walk in cupboard tak muat ceiling fan besar ni. kalo pasang jugak mau berlobang wardrobe tu, jadi walk in hell.

It took me around 8 hours to clean the storeroom, and half the condo. tapi takde la sempat mop pun. Ralit dengan mengelap semua mak bapak frame gambar, segala almari tapi still tak jugak habis.

the thing is aku cepat je bosan dengan kedudukan furniture yang sama, so mesti tukar dan tukar dan tukar!
By 7 pm , decide nak keluar nak beli barang umah sikit. Sebabnya aku cukup malas nak tapau makan dr luar walaupun duduk sorg dan sekor. tak suka the idea of eating alone rasa macam loser tu satu, pastu i am just not a good alone eater! unless i have a reading material. bukan picisan macam Mangga okay. itu tahap bacaan IQ -8.
So, yang aku bijak pandai pulak pergi masa Maghrib, dah la banyak yang menumpang keta dengan aku belanja dinner darah A- sepanjang perjalanan. tensen.
tapi hidup mesti diteruskan.
Dah. itu je la. habis dah mood nak berblog sebab nak balik.

my AHA moment :)

"stop being an accountant"

"you cant keep on balancing calls, smses, email.

I called you three times today, you only called me twice, so you still owe me one more call."

then suddenly macam ada spotlight atas kepala.

that's what i have been doing.

all these while.


Monday, May 10, 2010

On repeat : Pink's "I dont believe you"

I don’t mind it
I don’t mind at all
It’s like you’re the swing set
And I’m the kid that falls
It’s like the way we fight
The times I’ve cried
We come to blows
And every night
The passion’s there
So it’s got to be right..
No I don’t believe you
When you say don’t come around here no more
I won’t remind you
You said we wouldn’t be apart
No I don’t believe you
When you say you don’t need me anymore
So don’t pretend to
Not love me at all
I don’t mind it
I still don’t mind at all
It’s like one of those bad dreams
When you can’t wake up
It’s like you’ve given up
You’ve had enough
But I want more
No I won't stop
Because I just know
You’ll come around..Right?
No I don’t believe you
When you say don’t come around here no more
I won’t remind you
You said we wouldn’t be apart
No I don’t believe you
When you say you don’t need me anymore
So don’t pretend to
Not love me at all
Just don’t stand there and watch me fall
Because I,
because I still don’t mind at all
It’s like the way we fight
The times I’ve cried
We come to blows And every night
The passions there
So it’s got to be right, Right?
No I don’t believe you
When you say don’t come around here no more
I won’t remind you
You said we wouldn’t be apart
No I don’t believe you
When you say you don’t need me anymore
So don’t pretend to
Not love me at all
I don’t believe you

the weekend of love and more love and little bit of hurt and then some.

It’s Monday again.
Weekend do it put it? Very emotionally challenging?

It’s 1.15pm and in my office. Lately I prefer to spend my lunch time at the office. Akibat malas nak drive, carik parking, jalan pikir nak makan something different today and finally kat RASA foodcourt jugak.adeh..

Might as well aku beli nasi ayam masak merah dua ringgit kat pantry opes and surf the net, baca blog and update blog aku yang takde rupa blog ni. Tetiba bunyi azan terus insap and solat terus mintak aku masih tak boring untuk berada di opes untuk beberapa jam selepas itu.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Mak as usual tak mahu apa-apa. Not even a treat to spa or foot scrub or massage. Not this time.She prefers to just stay home and watch Pensil at TV3. Very nice movie.I on the other hand, am more than willing to just stay home and enjoy emak’s cooking and company. Dari belanja mak benda merapu seperti set mandian yang mak sayang sangat nak guna nak guna sampai dah expired, lebih baik berbelanja kat Family Store kedai supermarket yang aku rasa mak aku ada adalah salah seorang pemegang sahamnya. tetiba ada pulak Apollo dalam troli..keja ko la nih Akid kan?

My sister Ila and family takde, pergi penang to celebrate Princess’s 3rd birthday..tu yang sunyi rumah. Takde la si becok Adriana nak buli uwan ngan Akid with her adorable antiques.
But abang balik from Tangkak with her new addition, Hani Arischa for the first time after Liza habis 44 days pantang. Good gurl baby. Sangat senang.

Berbalik pada minggu lepas, Jumaat malam hari tu, finally pegi juga ke spa di Heritage Row. Reminding myself to stick to making appointment waktu siang sahaja, as malam the guests somehow scares me. Ye saya penakut. But I went ahead, dah la tak sekali dengan Bib, since tak ramai tukang urut available sebab malam sibuk. Then habis, tak jadi pula foot scrub sebab tukang scrubnya kepenatan.Oh well. The massage was good, but because of the very packed weekend I had, badan jadi penat semula. But then takpe, nanti leh pegi lagi. Bib ada sebut hari tuh nak belanja..hmm..

Bib habis after 30 minutes later. Kami dah kepenatan, but kelaparan. Went to favorite hang out place masa zaman tak kenal siang dulu.. SS2. Seperti biasa duduk kat kedai yang kuat bergaduh, but disebabkan sotong goreng tepung terbaik dan lala goreng yang sungguh bangat setapnya.. sanggup je tengok drama swasta pencurian pelanggan ..walhal gerai sebelah2 je..

So that's that.
I think I survived the most meruntun jiwa punya minggu dan lagu Pink "I dont believe you" telah on repeat for over 200 times apprently. Not gonna blog about it though.

But I do feel that something in me somehow renewed.
Fresher with a fresher and better view on life in general.
I am tryly blessed.

And again to Emak, I heart you.
To love you is by default,
but to honor you, it is something I will dedicated my whole life to.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Acara best.

Hari nih bermula dengan penuh debaran.
Sebabnya kena bawak abang bagak ke kerja.
Akibat insiden menyagat tempohari, rasa trauma tu memang melekat.
Especially acara parking memarking ni.

I always believe I am great (clap clap clap) at parking in many ways, tapi bila dah tersagat abang bagak..rasa rendah diri sangat, tuhan nak tunjuk la tu. :(

eh :) la sebab tuhan tunjuk sebab dia sayang.

anyway, nak tak nak kena jugak drive bagak.

mulut kumat kamit berzikir dan baca apa-apa yang patut untuk tenangkan diri.

sampai King pun diarahkan untuk doakan sekali.

Doa tidur boleh mummy?

perjalanan memang okay, cuma baru perasan, niat nak jadi road bully bila ada bagak ni agak hancur sebab takde hati yang keras dan jahat (ngeee). last2 bagi je orang overtake. bagus juga.

jadi roadbully Tuhan marah.

So dah sampai depan opes..demit banyak pulak keta nak masuk.. mesti basement berlapis2 parking, niat nak ambik parking Masnizah sebab pasti takde unsur2 block.

Then tetiba tengok eh..semua kereta tu parking luar, hasil zikiran saya berhasil nampaknya.. tinjau tempat Mas, memang kosong, debaran makin terasa.. sebelah kereta CSA pulak.. kalo aku miss the tiang, jangan aku sagat Mercedes ni pulak .. gulp

Signal kiri..
masuk ..
masuk balik,
adjust kasi lurus tayar.. and
bagak selamat diparkir.

tapi hati berdebar sampai dua jam selepas itu.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dari tumpang ke masak.

Semalam tak bawak keta, sebab NBT kan ditinggalkan di Seremban, so abang terchenta boleh hantarkan ke bengkel untuk ketuk pintu yang kemek tu. So akibatnya, hanya ada abang Triton sahaja.

Bib ada game malam, so maknanya boleh hantar pegi kerja sahaja (mekasih) dan balik kena pepandai carik jalan, jalan dah jumpa tapi takkan nak berjalan kan. So memula ingat tammau susahkan sesapa nak ambik teksi je balik. Tapi lepas tu teringat ada Masnizah (yay!) apa lagi, bila nak susahkan Masnizah (lagi.) huhuhu.

Nasib baik Masnizah dont mind menumpangkan kakak dia sorang nih, tapi hofkos kena ambik si bayi pipi pau Mirza di nursery. Memandangkan Mirza agak moody sebab diganggu tidurnya, I sajes apa kata aku je drive, ko duduk la ngan Mirza Pau tu. (merasa jugak drive Vios.. Redhauddin, aku dengar ko gagal drive soft pedal car ni kui kui..terasa hebat sekejap walaupun tak duduk Jepun bertahun2.)

Anyway, post nih bukan nak kutuk redhauddin ataupun nije (eh tetiba), tapi hasil dari :

1. pernyataan masnizah yang sukar hendak masak apabila telah mempunyai Mirza pipi pau.

2. cadangan Syakira agar resipi saya dikongsi..ceh, ko sakit perut aku tak jamin ye.

So, hasil dari lab yang dilakukan (menyahut seruan GTP) rasanya bagus jugak aku jadikan blog nih my very own recipe sharing platform. Tak suka memazmumahkan diri, tapi nak share and bagitau those yang nak masak tapi rasa tak cukup masa dan tenaga.

Hasilnya adalah, minit mesyuarat aku tak habis taip lagi sebab excited nak post my first recipe.

Tunggu ya, sampai minit ni siap.

kruk kruk

those yang dalam my fb knows that I survived a long series of unfortunate events which starts with a nasty fall kat tangga condo tu. That was in late March. It has been more than a month now and now the pain is back.

It really is uncomfortable especially kat tengkuk. maybe because dah lama tak urut and yoga (i truly miss yoga) but when i try to stretch and do light yoga, my neck still berbunyi kruk kruk macam makan keropok dalam wayang perlahan-lahan.

I really wanna call Kak Gayah up for another massage but somehow takut nanti it become worse. So as usual complaint2 kat Bib and she ask me to do a research on this one Chiropractor centre in Cheras. Macam agak scary nak dikruk kruk oleh pakar (kalo kruk kruk oleh orang lain tergedik pulak ko kan.. lepas kruk kruk, mintak garu la urut

Anyway, akan aku gagahkan diri and set up an appointment one fine day. Bilanya tu tak tau...tapi rasanya paling lambat pun next month, because i really need to get it fix in order to truly enjoy life to the fullest (mengemas dan memasak secara intensif :)))

princess tolong wan kat dapur :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday datang lagi untuk ke seribu kalinya..

Semalam Ahad, rasa best je. Although I never really enjoy Sunday compared to Saturday because knowing the next day another working day, yesterday's Sunday was great.

Took emak, ila, princess and akid to Cyberjaya for nasi arab at Saba' Restaurant. Poor service but the food is okay la. RM85 for 4 pax. The lamb kabsah is worth eating but the rest is quite dry.

Since I drove all the way from Seremban to Cyberjaya, takkan nak balik je terus kan lepas dah berpeluh tunggu makan.. took them to Alamanda to buy emak's make up and some lecka lecka ice cream. Princess bought books on animals and then we decided to call it a day.

Arrived at Seremban around 6.30pm , nasib baik tak jam highway.. tak sanggup nak stuck in jam highway macam balik Seremban the other day.

Seriously exhausted due to the extreme heat nowadays.. rasa macam nak lepuh satu badan panas nyeeeerrr!!!! Boleh cecah 39 degrees sekarang. Its too hot.

Dok pikir camana nak drive balik ke SK since dah penat sangat.. dah la bawak dua ketam, sebab ingat nak repair pintu NBT yang dilentung abang polis, tapi lupa Hari Pekerja mana ada bukak bengkel. Bengkel Menggubah Bunga mungkinlah.

So macam kena bawak balik NBT ke SK, tapi pastuh tepon bucuk, katanya suruh tinggal guna NCJ ajer la.

Happy :))) sebab boleh tido balik nanti. Hoh!
Sebelum tu bagi tau bucuk, "kalo ngantuk drive bagitau ye, leh tukar driver"

pastu aku tido mengerekot macam tikus, sedar2 dah sampai pak guard kondo.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Selama aku masuk servis nih, banyak kali jugak la aku berangan nak duduk umah and just do all the chores, cooking and cleaning. Do creative stuff with no due date or meetings to attends.

Then as time goes by, as i start to get very attached to my job, I somehow still wish that I am able to do all the things I love doing at the office, at home. Only to go to the office if there's any meeting.

But then as years passing by, I begin to enjoy being in (some) meetings (productive ones) as one get to solve complicated issues and crisis maturely. Tapi bila stuck dalam meeting yang penuh dengan 'gema' dan 'nasik tambah' mulalah aku sakit jiwa kenapa tak charge ipon ko siap2 pandai?

Tak kisahlah berapa tahun pun lagi aku akan berada dalam servis ni, tapi aku tau , pasti akan ada jugak suara-suara kecik bagitau yang duduk kat umah lagi best dr kerja kat opes or kerja opes lagi best buat di rumah. apapa pun dalam satu ayat tu ada perkataan opes dan rumah dan kerja.

lagi satu adalah aku selalu berangan "satu hari nak berhenti kerja dan volunteer kat SPCA" apa motif pun aku tak tau. adakah sebenarnya aku memang nak berhenti tammau kerja, or aku kerja tapi gaji seciput or tammau gaji nak tolong haiwan sahaja kah?

i dont really do a lot of turun padang charity work but even the small things i do macam masuk treasure hunt or walk a hunt tu pun dah rasa best.

and working with animals is actually(to me..sometimes) lebih best dari manusia yang susah betul nak cakap terima kasih or even acknowledge.

sometimes it takes animals to make us feel human again. kan King?

tsk tsk

hati ni dah berdetik dah.
mampoo ke ko ajun nak manuver abang triton yang bagak tu.
bib cakap nak taknak satu hari nanti kena bawak jugak.

so aku kuatkan semangat, bawak jugak.
perjalanan dari umah ke opes tenang dan alhamdulillah..
walaupun berpeluh dahi dan ketiak dalam aircond yang sejuk tu..

pastuh sampai kat parking opes.
tarik napas.
parking opes ni comel2 sebab penjimatan tempat dan pemaksimuman ruang.

adjust punya adjust.
parking belakang diblock pulak oleh MyVi sekor nih..
rasa okay dah..
adjust sikit.

tetiba macam ada satu bunyi di belah kiri.

tersagat jugak triton.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Fourth First

Giving myself another (erm..4th) chance to blog.

Maybe kalau terlupa (tipu) or malas sangat nak blog..i can ask King to blog for me :)
Gambar bukan sekadar hiasan: Mummy suruh update blog..guess King still looking for inspiration to blog :P